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Welcome to IceBear’s world, a place where imagination rules, wonder and curiosity are the order of the day. 

Translation and meaning is often left entirely to you the viewer; interpret and take away from any individual piece  of art what you will. 

Some will find magical beings, spirits or imaginary creatures floating through, others will find nothing but the most obvious.

There is no right or wrong. But we have been told by many collectors that even years after living with a painting, one day when they look at it, they find something they have never seen before. Perhaps it is a trick of the light in the room, a shadow, a fleck of dust, but that original sense of wonder is recreated, and we receive happy posts of thanks and appreciation!

These past few years have had us restricted to studio, and delivering the occasional new piece to one of our galleries, without fanfare.  There have been no exhibitions.  so with this site, we hope to replace the exhibition experience,  answer some of the myriad of questions the artist gets, and hopefully, replaces a bit of the personal experience of attending an opening. This website is really a photo album,  or, if you will, a short book like we would have available at exhibitions, with a retrospective look at IceBear art in all its variations, and to help you know more about the artist himself, a few stories, and a few highlights of his long career. If there is something else you would like to know, please go to the last page and send us a question by email.

One of the new paintings created for 

summer exhibition: ‘Curiosity’

Abstracts                  ‘Fermi’ at Ukama Gallery

Nature       The Mother Tree

New work for summer show                                

Native                    Hoka Hey!

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private collection

For currently available original art, please visit the portfolio.

Much of the art on this site can be specially ordered as limited edition prints from a gallery or the artist.

Public Art    Ocean Mural,  Sidney, BC

Welcome ~ Abstracts ~ Native ~ Nature ~ Public Art ~ Sculpture ~ Stories ~ About the Artist ~ Events ~ Gallery & Contact

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