IceBear Sculpture.

From traditional cedar to the latest in high tech products, used to express ancient lessons and modern visions. From major sculptural presentations to small wearable pieces in sterling silver 

Origins        High relief acrylic on canvas currently                            available

Etude in White


Eternal’  Bronze, with hand created patina, shown here at exhibition in Victoria 

Vancouver Island Sculpture Society,4/24

Four Winds

commissioned work

on upper harbour

Victoria, BC

Heron in Glass: limited edition hand blasted glass, available by order: 20“ diameter

IceBear sculpture is the product of his explorations, not only of all the dimensions that we understand, and a few we don’t, but into the technical and mechanical possibilities of creating the unusual, and sometimes seemingly impossible visions that fill his head. He explores the use of various media, frequently in ways the manufacturers have never imagined. From contemporary creations that build on the traditional art forms of indigenous people across the continent, to using mainstream methods of sculpture to illustrate traditional indigenous themes.  With a few exceptions, the sculptures are commissioned work. 

Dance of Eagles, artist’s proof in private collection.  Available for commission 

Nautilus  maquette available for commission

Beneath the Waves

in Featherlight private commission

On the left, above, ‘the Four Friends in red and yellow cedar, 2020, 

on the right, ‘ ‘Four Winds’, 2000

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